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At the Artisan Bottling Company, we understand the importance for a quick turnaround and have designed our plant to allow us to return product within 4-7 working days. We intend to deliver a high quality product with full QC support. As brewers we have the knowledge and capacity to offer support to other brewers seeking to develop new products.

Artisan Bottling Company
Artisan Bottling Company


Our process involves the use of modern in-take technology that allows us to cut down process time and to create stable chilled beer. We use traditional sheet filters, followed by fine and sterile filtration. We aim to give a 12 month shelf life.

The bottling process involves labelling and then filling, with manual end of line packing. We can bottle various sizes from 275, 330 and 500 ml with two or three options of bottle per size. If you require others please ask.

We use in line carbonation which gives a consistent well carbonated product.

We can label using full wrap, neck front and back.

We pack into a shrink wrap tray in 8,12, or 24 (for 330 ml). We can also pack into boxes and gift packs.

We can split volumes into bottles and one trip kegs and will price accordingly if need be.


Our kegged beer process is the same as that for bottle beers, from beer in take through to storage and processing, before being filled into one trip kegs. We can keg as part of a split run bottling run and offer various levels of in keg carbonation to suit beer styles.

Packaging services

The packaging facilities have been built to give maximum flexibility of packaging for brewers. We are experienced brewers and packers, and we can offer advice, and recommendations to maximise the quality of beer, in bottle and keg.

We guarantee you a carefully managed process with emphasis on quality, ease of production and quick turnaround.

Artisan Bottling Company
Artisan Bottling Company

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We can offer a flexible bottling service, incorporating different bottle and label sizes, as well as levels of filtration for the best possible bottled product. Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your bottling needs.

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Artisan Bottling Company, 1 Rhosmaen Street, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, SA19 6LU.

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